The editorial team of Argumentum Journal of Law, a traditional publishing project that for sixteen years has fomented the development of legal education and research in Brazil with international impact, invites you to publish your scientific articles in our future editions.

Argumentum Journal of Law is a scientific journal that is published every four months and is available online (ojs.unimar.br) and for free, with the support of University of Marilia, in Sao Paulo (Brazil). The Journal is evaluated by the Brazilian Ministry of Education as meeting the high standards applicable to national publications.

Argumentum Journal of Law is pleased to announce that a new permanent section on Harmony with Nature has been introduced as of its publication scheduled for April 2020. The Journal seeks to disseminate studies, research and documents on current legal issues related to Earth Jurisprudence as addressed by the United Nations Harmony with Nature Programme. Given the breadth and depth of Earth Jurisprudence, papers can also be submitted in other disciplines such as anthropology, ecological economics, history, philosophy and sociology.

Papers are accepted in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. In the case of papers submitted in French or German, the Journal can provide their translation into Portuguese, without any cost to the author.

We welcome your proposed contribution to the section “Harmony with Nature” in Argumentum Journal of Law, and we are available to receive inquiries and to provide additional information and clarifications, as required.



Mariana Ribeiro Santiago


Editor-in-chief of Argumentum Journal of Law


ISSN eletrônico: 2359-6880      ISSN impresso: 1677-809X


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